Aphro-D Ingredients


Aphro-D contains Wild-Organic 4.3kDa “The Manhood Molecule”

What is 4.3KDA?

Why is 4.3KDA so SPECIAL?

What is the proof that 4.3kDa is inside Aphro-D?

How fast can 4.3kDa increase testosterone levels and by how much?

How will 4.3 kDa help me feel happy and stress-free?

How does 4.3 kDa increase both Free and Total Testosterone Level?

Aphro-D contains Schisandra, also known as “Boner”Berry”

U.S.D.A Organic

Freeze-Dried at -5 Celcius

Highest Standard of Farming

Do you know what is the most important organ for testosterone?

Do you know a single T-Booster that helps men?

Aphro-D contains Wild-Organic 4.3kDa
“The Manhood Molecule”


4.3kDa is a peptide (chain of amino acids) found inside one of our ingredients, Tongkat Ali


The Journal of Tropical Forest Science showed that 4.3kDa is an aphrodisiac marker:

What is the proof that 4.3kDa is inside Aphro-D?

How fast can 4.3kDa increase testosterone levels and by how much?

How will 4.3kDa help me feel happy and stress-free?

4.3kDa has been shown to decrease cortisol (stress levels) by 16% in 4 weeks.

How does 4.3kDa increase both Free and Total Testosterone levels?

4.3kDa increases Free Testosterone by freeing (“unbinding”) testosterone from both SHBG [4] and Estrogen [8]. It does this by weakening the binding power between testosterone and SHBG [8] and by inhibiting aromatase, the enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen.

4.3kDa increases Total Testosterone by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce more Luteinizing Hormone (LH), the hormone which causes Testosterone production in the testes.

BOTTOM LINE: You get a 37% increase in testosterone and a 16% decrease in cortisol (stress) levels in less than 30 days.
BUT, an increase in Testosterone is just the starting point.
You now require adequate BLOOD FLOW so testosterone molecules can easily travel all over the body.The blood flow signal comes from a special fruit inside Aphro-D, called Schisandra.

Aphro-D contains Schisandra, also known
as “Boner Berry”

Why is Schisandra called “BONER berry”?

The main benefit you get from Schisandra is to increase blood flow to your “member.”We know the reality of every man - “Happy Wife = Happy Life” and getting an extra special boost in blood flow in the pipes down there guarantees a night full of passion and satisfaction for both you and her.

Why are men experiencing dysfunctions inside the bedroom and how can Aphro-D help?

Erection problems are usually vascular - damage to blood vessels, poor blood circulation and deficiency of nitric oxide. Sexual Dysfunction is caused by Testosterone in only about 5% of cases.

The ACTUAL problem is BLOOD FLOW?

The Certified Organic American Schisandra inside Aphro-D is designed to help men reclaim their confidence inside the bedroom by improving blood flow.

How will Aphro-D increase blood flow to my member so I can satisfy my wife?

First you must understand the mechanism of how blood flow works through a special neurotransmitter, called NITRIC OXIDE.Increase of Nitric Oxide > Relaxation of Smooth Muscles > Dilation of Blood Vessels > Member Becomes and Stays Erect.The Schisandra inside Aphro-D provides the trigger for the first step of this process.The molecules inside our Schisandra boost Nitric Oxide.

But why is the American Boner Berry inside Aphro-D the best one in the world?


We get our Schisandra Berry from the Shen Blossom Farm in Massachusetts, USA. Shen Blossom is the only certified organic schisandra farm in the USA. Our Schisandra is 3rd party tested and is the highest quality available in the world. Nothing else even comes close.


We freeze-dry Schisandra Berry after harvest to preserve its potent form. Schisandra is grown on premium nutrient-rich soil and cleaned with 100% natural spring water. This is why the bioactive compounds inside the berries are so powerful in their final form.


Each Schisandra Berry is picked when it has achieved peak ripeness. Once they are picked, they are washed with ultrapure well water (only 40 ppm total dissolved solid) and sifted BY HAND to remove all debris.After washing, berries are put into food grade 5-gallon buckets which are immediately shipped and put into a deep freeze state at -5° C to LOCK the freshness and preserve the beneficial compounds inside the berries. Then the berries are freeze-dried into their final powdered form for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

BOTTOM LINE: Aphro-D’s Schisandra boosts nitric oxide production, causing a relaxation of smooth muscle cells which dilates (expands) blood vessels for increased blood flow. This enhanced blood circulation allows your penis to stay erect.

First two steps are now complete. Two more to go.
Already completed steps:
Step 1: Aphro-D’s 4.3kDa molecule boosts Testosterone
Step 2: Aphro-D’s Boner Berry boosts Nitric Oxide

Do you know what is the most important organ for testosterone?

It's the LIVER

Why is protecting the liver from inflammation
important for optimizing Testosterone?

The liver is incharge of synthesizing “good” cholesterol, the building block of all male hormones, including testosterone.

When the liver is inflamed by oxidative stress and taken over by dangerous free radicals, important proteins become inactivated. One of the major causes of Low T is inflammation of the liver.

What on earth can kill these free radicals and reverse liver inflammation?

Traditionally Cooked HE SHOU WU, King of Liver Detoxification

What makes Aphro-D’s He Shou Wu the highest quality and potency in the world?

  • Every He Shou Wu root/leaves must be at least 4 years old or we don’t use it.
  • Cooked with black bean soup identical to the way it’s cooked in traditional Chinese medicine in order to increase the beneficial components or “stilnes” inside.

The Process

Why is Aphro-D superior to others?

Most Amazon He Shou Wu is either raw or they use a single-steaming high pressure processing or they sometimes even use a microwave.
Aphro-D, on the other hand, uses the traditional method used for 1000s of years and is free from pesticides and GMOs.

BOTTOM LINE: Detoxifying the liver and reducing inflammation inside liver cells is the KEY to synthesizing “good” HDL cholesterol, the building block of testosterone.

Let’s recap what Aphro-D has done so far for us.

Here are the first 3 steps:
1) 4.3kDa Tongkat Ali boosts Testosterone by 37% for energy, muscle, confidence and youth.
2) Schisandra activates the cellular pathway to boost nitric oxide to get blood flow to the penis.
3) He Shou Wu detoxifies the liver and reduces inflammation to increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol for optimal testosterone production.

One final step still remains and it’s the MOST crucial part of the entire sequence.

In fact, it is THIS FINAL STEP that every other T-Booster in the market has completely missed.

Do you know a single T-Booster that helps men:


Get a good night's sleep


Go all day without crashes or sudden spikes in mood


Remain calm under high stress situations.


Feel youthful energy every day without needing to cycle “5 days on, 2 days off”
The synergy of Aphro-D ingredients can give you these benefits.


Pearl Powder, The “Sleep” X-Factor

Pearl Powder has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for curing insomnia and other sleep disorders 100% naturally.

Pearl Powder is known as the “Sleep X-Factor” because of its cooling effects on the “hot” 4.3kDa Tongkat. The combination of 4.3kDa and Pearl Powder in Aphro-D allows men to be assertive yet calm and collected under high stress situations.

This synergy of 4.3kDa with Pearl is the reason why Aphro-D can be taken every single day without the need for cycling.

The balance allows men to have high energy all day long without experiencing jitters, crashes or any intense spikes in emotion.

What are the possible mechanisms through which Pearl Powder helps us calm down under stress and get a good night’s sleep?

Activation of GABAB receptor,
GABA is the inhibitory neurotransmitter of the brain. It helps with helping us wind down at night so we can get 8 hours of continuous sleep [https://daneshyari.com/article/preview/2544813.pdf]
By activating GABA receptors (GABAB), Pearl Powder slows down neuronal activity, thereby allowing us to go from a state of “racing thoughts” to a state of mental clarity and peace. This state helps us get better sleep [https://daneshyari.com/article/preview/2544813.pdf]
Sleeping continuously for 8 hours maximizes the REM cycle of sleep, in which testosterone is synthesized in the Leydig cells of the testes. The more REM sleep you get, the more testosterone your body makes.

Why is Pearl Powder and how do we receive it from Mother Earth?

It is a preparation of pearls and it is derived from mussels and oysters. The pearls consist of magnesium carbonate or calcium carbonate. It contains 10 essential amino acids and 6 non-essential amino acids. It has been used for over 1500 years in traditional Chinese medicine.

What is the Pearl Powder inside Aphro-D the BEST in the world?

Well, first of all, it is the only food grade pearl powder available in the market.
Our pearl powder is fermented, hydrolyzed, water-soluble and enzymatically processed at low temperatures to make it more bioavailable and preserve all nutrients and benefits.

Synergy of Aphro-D Ingredients

Now let’s look at a summary of how Aphro-D ingredients work together for your manhood, 100% naturally.

  •  4.3kDa boosts Free and Total Testosterone by stimulating the brain and testes
  • Schisandra boosts Nitric Oxide production in the penile tissue
  •  He Shou Wu cleans out the liver to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol
  • Pearl Powder calms down the brain and body at night so you can sleep easily